TI Unveils First Ever OMAP 5, Android 4.0-Based Reference Design


The CES 2012 is absolutely teeming with hectic activity and it has been one of the best ever years for getting to know about new gadget introductions, what with many companies coming forward with newer and better technologies. The latest company that created a buzz was Texas Instruments, which unveiled its much-looked-forward-to OMAP 5 processors, just like it had promised last year. TI will be sampling these processors to partners next week.

The OMAP 5-based reference design comes four years after OMAP 3, which had then featured on an Archos tablet. The OMAP 5 processors will be far more powerful and will offer dual-GPU architecture with GPU acceleration enabled, lots more horsepower and also a whole range of power saving options.

The yummy Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich OS version attracted quite a bit of attention too, with everyone wanting to get their hands on it. The wonderful new mobile platform, we discovered, is capable of delivering 1080p video at 64 frames per second. We must admit we were mighty impressed with all that TI had to offer this year.

TI is pretty much confident that Android is the future of mobile, and so, they will be heavily promoting the OS. They also stated that they will be working in close contact with Microsoft, in order to bring Windows 8 as well, on the latest OMAP. The company further claimed that they will soon be working with multiple form factors as well, to make the ARM tablets popular among the general masses.

A spokesman for TI said that OMAP 5 could soon be expected to come to laptops and Ultrabooks running Windows 8, and that one could possibly be seeing the first one by the CES 2013.

Take a first look at Texas Instruments’ all-new demo design and tell us what you think about it.

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