Top 6 Tablet PCs For The Year 2011


The year 2011 is a landmark year in the field of mobile electronics and technology, as it is the year of the Tablet PC. A Tablet seems to be the most popular gadget to own these days. Keeping this trend in mind, we bring you a roundup of the top 6 Tablet PCs for 2011.

    1. Apple iPad 2

There are wild rumors of the Apple iPad 2 and what it will look like. This gadget is expected to release in April this year. Though it will follow in the footsteps of the current iPad, it is supposed to feature advanced technology such as a higher resolution and a microSD slot for expandable storage.

Well, April is not that long away, so we can all afford to wait that much more, right?

    1. Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM is considered to be one serious competitor of the Apple iPad. Comprising an impressive line of hardware and offering great video options, this one also offers the Android 3.0 operating system, which is making it hog all the limelight out there.

XOOM is supposed to available sometime in the first quarter of 2011, round about the time it takes Android developers to release the proper Android 3.0 version.

Motorola XOOM

    1. BlackBerry PlayBook

What started with a whimper at the CES 2011 might as well end up with a bang with the BlackBerry PlayBook. The main USP of this tablet PC is that it attracts the ever-rising population of business people and entrepreneurs.

This tablet PC is powered by a Cortex-A9 dual-core 1 GHz processor and comprises 1 GB RAM, 2 integrated cameras and, most importantly, the much sought-after BlackBerry OS.

US residents will soon be able to get hold of this one. The rest of the world can expect it by the mid-2011.

    1. Dell Streak 7

The Dell Streak has always been on people’s minds. It is expected that the latest version will be even better than its predecessor. Comprising a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 16GB internal storage and fabulous seven-inch screen, this one will come with Android 2.2.

Happily enough, there will also be an option to upgrade the Android system, so maybe this will be compatible with Android 3.0 soon after its release, though nothing is official yet.

    1. HP PalmPad

HP is all excited about the impending release of their PalmPad tablet PC, which will come in two versions, namely, Topaz and Opal, nine and seven inches respectively.

There are some rumors that these will support Flash 10.1, WebOS and cloud computing support. We are currently awaiting more information on this one.

    1. Panasonic Viera Tablet PC

This one was totally unexpected. Panasonic showed off their line of Viera tablets at the CES 2011. Coming in three sizes, these include dynamic changes to the conventional tablet PC.

The touchscreen display supports multiple functions. All that we know right now is that all the three models will support the same hardware. Needless to say, the Panasonic Viera line will first be available in Japan and then be released in the rest of the world.

This year is bound to see the release of many new tablet PCs. We will keep bringing you updates on these devices as and when they happen. So make sure to watch this space for more.

Panasonic Viera

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