Two Android Tablets from Sony


With decades of engineering expertise, Sony is into the Tablet market. Sony is now developing its two new Android Tablets with such perfect combination of hardware, unprecedented design and network to provide you with great quality, engaging entertainment experience. This includes the Sony S1, optimized for media entertainment and Sony S2 especially for mobile communication and entertainment.
Sony Tablets are powered by Android Honey Comb, which are perfectly structured for any tablet. Also with these tablets, you can not only browse online but also can access content like books, games, videos on-the-go, literally anytime, with the help of Wi-Fi and WAN (3G/4G) in it.

And about the tablets, Sony S1 has 9.4 inch display which makes it ideal for rich content experience. Its great design makes it easy to use and users can realize the comfort even after hours of usage. Also, Sony S1 uses Infrared technology which makes it work as a universal remote for many of the AV devices from Sony.

On the other hand, Sony S2 has such a design that it can be folded for easy portability. Sony S2 Android tablet has two 5.5 inch displays, which can be used as a single large screen or can be split for the sake of gaming experience.
Not much is known about the device, but it is for sure that Sony Android Tablets will create a wave in the tablet market.

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