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The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is doing much better in the mobile market than expected. It has turned out to be a versatile device including many features and functionalities, also including vast scope for upgrades. Here is a lowdown on the upgrade capabilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Software Upgrade – May 2011

May 2011 saw the introduction of a major software upgrade to version 1.0.1710. This upgrade enhances Video Chat, Bridge Docs Messenger via Bridge, Homepage bookmarks and the Facebook for PlayBook app.

Scrapbook Photo Editing Software – May 2011

May also witnessed an addition of a Scrapbook Photo Editing app, which further enhanced the multimedia capabilities of the PlayBook. This freely downloadable app enables users to manipulate the pictures stored on their PlayBook tablet, thereby creatively enhancing them. This app not only lets you edit photographs, but also change or add backgrounds to them.

Facebook App Update – June 2011

In June this year, the PlayBook received a Facebook update that made social networking freaks much happier. This tablet is the first one to get a Facebook-oriented app created exclusively for tablets. The update to Facebook helps users select which contacts are to be synchronized, delete messages, enhanced search and newsfeed features and also the capability to upload full photo album to Facebook.

PlayBook OS and Bridge Update – August 2011

The month of August saw a PlayBook OS update to version There is also an important update to the Bridge connectivity interface for the PlayBook. This update helps developers easily work with the Native SDK beta version to develop more apps for the PlayBook, as also bring popular Android apps to the tablet, in the near future. The probability of envisioning the future of mobile and upgrading itself accordingly is probably the PlayBook’s most notable advantage. This upgrade enhances that particular ability of the PlayBook tablet.

This version upgrade also helps the tablet with other things such as receiving automatic future software updates and upgrades; ability to update the PlayBook’s menu tools, browser and so on. The upgrade also enhances WiFi reception and improves the BlackBerry Bridge app, thereby resulting in faster wireless data transfer between your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook.

Future Updates and Upgrades –Enhanced Email and Android Apps

RIM plans to give PlayBook an upgrade in September this year that will give it a dedicated Email program and BBM instant messaging apps as well. This will be a great advantage for users always on the move, as also for mobile social networking freaks.

The PlayBook is additionally expected to give users access to Android apps in the coming few months. Developers are currently working on tweaking it in accordance with the device’s resolution and 7-inch screen. The Android Market currently offers some 250,000 apps, so the PlayBook can gain that much more by giving users easy access to them.

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