Verizon Website Reveals Ellipsis 8


Ellipsis 8While all the tech giants have been delivering sequels for their gadgets, Verizon had taken its own time. Last year in November Ellipsis 7 was unveiled by Verizon, and now Ellipsis 8 has been recently revealed. As a companion for Ellipsis 7 and the new version is a bit larger than the older, and the pricing is certainly alluring. Though the official announcement has not been made but Ellipsis 8 has been shown on the Verizon’s website.


This android OS device has an 8-inch display, which is easy to understand from the very name. The resolution is 1280×800 and is of the 720p variety. The other specs are not clear yet, and only the vague details are available. The gadget has 16GB storage, and the processor is 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. No information on the android platform version and the internal memory has been released by Verizon. The battery is however better than the predecessor, which is 5000 mAh compared with the 4000 mAh of the predecessor. The battery life promised in 14 hours.


This android tablet at $150 with a thinner bezel and a sleek design lets you save $100 when it is bought with the carrier’s two-year contract.  If you do not want to be bound by a carrier then you can get it for $250 at its full price.

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