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The Amazon Kindle is one among the top eBook readers. This device comes with a 6” screen, pretty much the standard size of the most popular eBook readers today. But for those of you looking for more “real estate” on their gadgets, the Kindle DX offers much more. Here is a video review of the Kindle DX eBook reader.

Amazon announced the Kindle DX in 2009. This supersized Kindle dream comes with a stunning 9.7” e-ink screen. Unfortunately for Amazon, the Apple iPad came in with a bigger bang just a few months later, in April 2010. This was almost identical to the Kindle DX and so, offered stiff competition.

Keeping this in mind, the Amazon DX came out in a new graphite finish and high contrast screen for better viewing. This new Kindle DX has integrated 3G connectivity from AT&T as well. Other than that, it has no more improvements on hardware.

The Kindle DX includes 4GB internal memory, which is good enough for about 3,500 eBooks. In case you need to generate more space, you can delete your content and re-download them when needed. Amazon keeps your purchase records in a safe “digital locker” and so, you can reclaim it whenever you wish.

Kindle software apps can also be downloaded on almost all other mobile platforms with Amazon’s WhisperSync facility.

Kindle does not offer support for the EPUB file format, but Amazon kind of makes up for this by offering users a library of almost 2 million free, public-domain titles. You can also additionally subscribe to several magazines, newspapers and blogs, which you can wirelessly read on Kindle DX.

AT&T provides 3G free of cost to Kindle DX users and its network covers almost all of the US. It may also work across many countries globally, but you may have to pay additional charges there. There is no support for WiFi, though.

The Amazon Kindle DX includes a QWERTY keyboard and provides support for Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sadly, this device does not come with a touchscreen display. This is its biggest disadvantage. The DX includes a USB cable and AC charger, but no carry case.


Kindle DX and the Apple iPad

The Kindle DX, though stylish, sadly lacks the features offered by the Apple iPad. Both these devices are of the same size. Though cheaper than the iPad, the Kindle DX lacks some functionalities of the former.

The iPad offers video playback, Web browsing and a huge variety of apps to choose from. The iPad also offers a PDF viewer and additional apps for viewing docs and images as well.

The Kindle DX scores with its e-ink screen and long-lasting battery life, which can go on up to 2 weeks. The screen contrast offers 16 levels of grayscale and can be viewed clearly even in broad daylight. The iPad, which comes with a reflective LCD screen, lacks this ability.

The Kindle DX also comes with a backlight, which some users find useful, while other find bothersome.


While the Kindle DX is certainly a vast improvement over the previous Kindles, it still has a long way to go in comparison to the Apple iPad. The iPad is definitely more expensive, but also offers more features than the Kindle DX.

In conclusion, the more affordable Kindle DX might just manage to find a niche audience in those looking for a dedicated eReader with an e-ink display.

Check out the video review of the Kindle DX eReader.

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