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ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Android Tablet

ViewSonic is an android tablet which is probably going to be noticed in the IFA 2010 which is going to be held next month. At the time of press release, there were no pictures of this android device. But, a few pictures of this android tablet were leaked on the internet lately. So, now we can get an idea about the basic layout of ViewPad 7.

It is believed that ViewSonic looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and they look so similar that one can’t identify them if both of them are brought together. It is still unclear that the picture belongs to the 7-inch ViewPad 7 and not to the 10-inch tablets released earlier. Still it is believed that the pictures are most likely of the 7-inch android tablet.

ViewPad7 Android Tablet

The features and specifications of the ViewSonic are quite similar to any other basic tablet, but it has still got some features which makes it better than the top competitor (iPad).

The ViewPad 7 runs on Android and offers bluetooth, wi-fi and 3G connectivity to the user. It has got two cameras – a rear camera and a front-facing camera. It comes with built-in GPS. This android tablet offers USB connectivity and a Micro-SD slot. The 10-inch tablets will probably be running on two operating systems – Android and Windows.

Sources believe that ViewPad 7 looks quite similar to the Olive Pad tablet which was released in India in July.

So, ViewPad 7 is an effective tablet running on the Android OS and offering a lot of features to the user.

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