Voltaic Spark Solar iPad case


Voltaic systems have recently introduced an interesting bag for your iPad or other gadgets, computers and smaller electronic devices. The bag is currently priced at $299. The product has been rightly named as Spark and is designed to charge your iPad in about 10 hours using direct sunlight as the source of energy. The time required to charge can further go down for different smaller devices.

Features of the case

The case is provided with a battery so that you can use it in case of emergence when the internal battery gets exhausted. The battery can be charged either through the solar energy or by conventional means through USB port. Another interesting feature is that this case can be used to charge two batteries simultaneously. The case measures 13.5 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches. It comes in different designs and in different colors with pockets attached inside it. The case is made up of PET plastics.

Wide Applications

The case comes with a guarantee option for the buyer. The Spark charger can be used with multiple devices. With little alterations, the charger can also be used with a camera. Spark can work with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Playbooks, GPS devices, Touchpad, HTC handhelds, Motorola and Nokia phones, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and many more.


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