Will Microsoft Tablets Make a Mark?


When Microsoft releases its own Windows 8 tablets, will it give a stiff competition to Apple’s iPad? Seems highly unlikely as of now but it is possible with some decent design decisions.

Reasons for the Success of iPad 

So, why is iPad such a lovely slate? Apple has had the hardware and software of the iPads integrated extremely tightly and a fine tuned and user-friendly design has been realized. Moreover, even though the tablets are high end, there is no dearth of enthusiasm and demand for Apple iPads. Remember the age-old maxim that a superior product will always find buyers.

Android Trouble

Android has emerged as strong tablet platforms but will remain as a mere iPad alternative because Android is a fragmented platform running on all sorts of loose hardware congregations. Note that Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which had been the only bright spot in the Android world, had a highly modified and tied down version of the Android OS.

Windows RT

Microsoft will release Windows 8 designed for ARMs- the WinRT- putting a tight leash on hardware developers. This change in thought will enable Microsoft to give a stiff competition with finely tuned tablet gadgets coming from hardware partners like Dell and HP.

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