Windows 10 Tablets and Smartphones to Carry Bundles of Preinstalled Office Apps


Office 2016The upcoming Windows 10 mini-tablets and smartphones will include the office apps inside it. Microsoft is planning to follow this strategy so as to enhance the sales of the Microsoft Company. The Windows operating system will enhance the user experiences that are using various devices. The operating system will be compatible with the different gadgets no matters it is a desktop or a pocket-sized mobile version.

Preinstalled Office Apps

Julia, the Product Management General Manager of Microsoft, has enunciated this information that the new office apps will be preinstalled on the Windows 10 tablets and the phones and that would not cost anything to the buyer. The Windows 10 Technical Preview is the event when the Universal Office apps will be available and for the general public it would be available somewhere later this year.

Other Features

It was also mentioned by Julia White that other features that will be included is read mode, online references and extra online resources like the images. The inbox will be better managed by the new version of Microsoft Outlook to give you best capabilities for authorization. With this users can quickly sort, read and flag the emails of their account by just touching with the fingertip.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to release the next version of Office as Office 2016 in this year.

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