Windows 8 Mini Tablets Coming in few months


With the Surface and Surface Pro already in the market, Microsoft is planning to launch a Windows 8 Mini in the market and is working on it.

Network of smaller gadgets

Microsoft has revealed at long last that it is working on the network of new Windows 8 tablets called Mini. This will be competing the Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPad mini from Apple. We already have reports that Windows has lately extended the certification requirements and resolution to 1024X768p. But this update seems to be used particularly soon on the small device OEM in a matter of months.

Budget tablets beware

Definitely this will be a budget tablet and will be priced in accordance. This will be a new addition to the Surface line of products even though the chef spokesperson cut him short without announcing the device.

The Windows Blue is also getting an update and highly soon we will know of the advances. As for now we speculate a booting service directly instead of a touch screen app enriched start. It has been reported by The Verge that Windows 8.1 (Blue) is under the testing phase for bypassing the option of the start screen.

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