With AT&T 4G LTE Kindle fire HD is available at $249 this Friday


If you want the latest network and the Kindle Fire together, you need $249. Kindle Fire and AT&T have joined hands to present this 8.9 inch 32GB tab by Friday across the nation.

What more?

If you are ready to take a plan for two years, you may avail this opportunity to but the $399 device at $249. Lucrative isn’t it because, as such, you must be eager to try out the 4G LTE network of AT&T. Additionally you can enjoy the enriched and advanced features of this Tab at discounted prices. Those not interested in this plan may go by with the regular $10 plan each month.

The Features

The 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD is endowed with supplied with dual stereos and Dolby audio. Around 23 Million gadgets have been shipped out at different parts of the nation with certain exclusive features like X-Ray in Text Books, X-Ray in movies and Whispersync for Games and Voice.

The best part is that the battery life is 10 hours, good enough to run all your apps! Amazon had the privilege of initiating the device in September last, but this step of AT&T and Kindle Fire is surely making us expect even more speed from this smartphone.

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