Xbox Surface: Microsoft Secret Project for a Gaming Tablet is Out


Though there was less news sprung up that the Microsoft is going to build a gaming tablet of 7-inch. The Verge has confirmed the news that the Microsoft is planning to select for the initial hardware for the upcoming Xbox Surface.

Earlier News about Xbox Surface

Earlier in June, the news was leaked about the specifications of the 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet. After this news, people heard the pro announcement about Surface Pro and Surface RT. As the final implementation of the project Xbox Surface has been worked upon, the accuracy of the initial specs was established.

Features of Xbox Surface

High-bandwidth RAM and an ARM processor will be included in the gaming gadget Xbox Surface. However, chances are there that these specifications might be altered because of Intel SoC. Xbox Surface would not be running Windows full version but instead custom Windows version would be there.

The focus would be put on the gaming but other basic functions like messaging might be supported. It is likely that the Xbox Surface will be developed in the Microsoft’s offices located in the Silicon Valley. Microsoft has locked down the building where this gadget is being manufactured. However, there were no comments available about this news from Microsoft’s spokesperson side.

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