2015 to Witness more Samsung Devices with Tizen


Samsung TIzenIf rumors are to be believed, Samsung has plans to introduce more smartphones by the end of 2015 with its in-house OS, Tizen. It may be recalled that the South Korean electronics giant has already introduced Z1 device closer to home, i.e., in Srilanka, Bangladesh, and India. The product was launched in January 2015 and the response so far has been encouraging.

Samsung to go Slow

It makes sense actually because there are not enough users who are familiar with this new operating system. Logically, the first step would be to increase the customer base, and that is exactly what Samsung is planning to do by introducing new gadgets before the end of the year with Tizen in them instead of Android.

Samsung may Turn Corner

If indeed Tizen becomes accessible, Samsung will save plenty of money that it pays popular OS owners. The company’s profitability has been nothing to write home about. But lower costs will enable it to offer its products competitively, and even develop other apps and tools compatible with Tizen for selling in future. Effectively, the company may become the leading player once more.


Though Android and iOS have been around for quite some time now, and most of the persons are familiar with what they offer, there still is plenty of room for improvement. Microsoft also has plans to upgrade its OS. Much depends upon Tizen’s features vis-à-vis those in other operating systems, and corresponding costs. If Tizen seems considerably cheaper, all other competitors have some serious thinking to do.

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