Additional 20 GB Storage Space as a New Year’s Gift to Microsoft Phone Users


Windows PhoneMicrosoft has shown its appreciation to loyal customers, by offering 20 GB free storage on SkyDrive for a year. This would be in addition to the existing storage. The company already offers 7GB of such cloud storage to its phone users, free from any charge. SkyDrive is the company’s cloud storage facility. This platform competes with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. for hosting files and other applications in “cloud”.


As of now the company has not launched this offer in open. The offer seems to have been sent to a select set of customers identified as “Windows Phone Enthusiast users” in its communication to such customer’s email. Cloud platform is ideal for storing and sharing photos, videos, maps, applications, music, and even personal assistants. The offer, however, is for a limited period, so Windows phone users need to claim it before January 31, 2014.

Other Offers

Microsoft has already initiated a 2 years offer in which 200GB of cloud space is offered to people who buy either its Surface 2 Pro, or Surface 2 tablets. However, this offer expires at the end of Christmas 2013. Effectively, people who buy either of these tablets would be entitled to 200 GB storage on the company’s cloud platform for a period of 2 years.

This is a smart move on the part of Microsoft because gadgets world is already familiar with cloud computing. Sooner or later, Microsoft would have to step in, unless it was willing to lose the race. There is a lot of competition in such services as of now.

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