Amazon Announces Addition of WorkMail Email Services for Corporate Sector


AmazonAmazon is again adding some meaningful services for the business persons by announcing the WorkMail. On Wednesday, this report was given by the Wall Street Journal that this is Amazon’s new calendar and email services. Perhaps with this move Amazon is surely going to give a competition to its rivals like Google and Microsoft.

What Amazon Believes?

Amazon has been facing a lot of tough competition from the cloud services of Microsoft and Google. The services offered by these giants are somewhat expensive and complicated so Amazon believes that with rge help of uncomplicated email services the less technical customers will be benefitted too. They have made the look of the email services similar to Microsoft Outlook so they will not feel it difficult while using the services on the gadgets.

More about Email Services

Email encryption is a necessity these days and that is why Amazon has also added email encryption support to the email services. In addition, the new geographic locations will also be able to store the emails and this will cost the companies for each inbox only $4 per month.

However, still its email is maintaining a foothold in the market and many more are opening email accounts with it.

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