Amazon Cloud Player on Sonos


Amazon’s Cloud Player will now be available on the Sonos wireless home audio/music systems. The Cloud Player keeps a copy of all MP3 tracks brought from Amazon and offers, to upload your own MP3s and the audio playback will be streamed instead of saving the files locally in your home network.

What Does the Amazon Cloud Player Have?

Amazon Cloud Player adds to you music experience you can upload your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries to the cloud and play them back using the Cloud Player in your gadgets at 256Kbps. The Amazon Cloud Player also exploits the wide range of digital music tracks that are retailed via Amazon outlets. The Cloud Player free can import up to 250 songs from Mac/PC and up to 250,000 for $24.99 annually.

Sonos Streaming Media

Gets Richer Sonos already supports Pandora, Songza, Mog, Spotify and other on-demand music streaming services that allow you to stream audio files from the internet instead of storing them on a local storage device. The Sonos audio system must be registered with the Amazon Cloud Player in order to access the service. Once registered, the Amazon Cloud Player will appear as an option in the music menu of the Sonos controller.

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