AMD’s Fastest Graphics Card for Laptops


AMD announced the fastest graphics processor in the world – a GPU that offers an awesome computing power. Now you must know that AMD Radeon HD 6990M is 25% faster than any graphics processor for laptops, launched so far. Furthermore, gamers and enthusiasts can enjoy more performance in games using the technology named AMD CrossFireX.

Its extreme performance is coordinated for gamers who want technologies able to offer an amazing gaming experience for the latest games. With the launch of the graphic card AMD Radeon 6990M and the series of accelerated processors AMD A-Series (APU), AMD raise the graphics performance to a wide range of laptops and price segments, also improving the user experience with technologies such as AMD CrossFireX and Dual graphics.

AMD CrossFireX technology with the help of the power of these two graphics processors will deliver improved performance and allows gamers to use high resolutions. With two graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 6990M and the AMD CrossFireX technology, the gamer that uses a laptop can experience exceptional growth of performance in its favorite games.

From leadership in the technology for PC games, AMD is focused to provide the fastest technologies and support necessary to create the best gaming experience on the PC. Whether there are more frames in games, better quality image or higher clock speeds, AMD Radeon 6990M graphics processor is ideal for notebooks for gamers, running the most demanding DirectX 11 games such as Dragon Age 2, DiRT 3 and Shogun 2.

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