Apple Announces iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program


iPhone 5It is of no doubt that battery is the life and blood of your smartphone and what if your device will suffer from some battery issues. iPhone users always find that their experiences with iPhone devices are always better than the android smartphones. But it seems that recently their trust is broken as Cupertino has made some announcements.

Latest Announcement from Apple

Cupertino has made an announcement for the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program as some defective units have been sold. It has been found that during the period of launch of iPhone 5 i.e. September 2012- January 2013 some defective pieces were sold with the low performing batteries that drain off faster.

Process of Replacement

As the defective iPhone 5 gadgets fall under some specific range of the serial number so it is quite easy to check the faulty items. iPhone 5 users who have purchased their devices in the above-mentioned period have to check here if their device comes under the faulty devices list.

From 22 August, 2014 Apple has made this replacement program available in US and China only. But the other countries will get a chance to replace their defective iPhone 5 battery from 29 August 2014. iPhone users can bring their devices to the Apple retail centers to replace  the defective battery units.

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