Apple calls Samsung “The Copycat”


Apple has recently given birth to a hot and new would be controversy by its strong accusations against Samsung. The former has filed a complaint against its arch rival Samsung stating that the latter copied the look and feel of its iPad and iPhone. Apple did not shun tagging Samsung as “the copycat”.

Details of the Complaint

The complaint stated that Samsung products have imitated the look and appearance of some of the Apple’s products with an intention to capitalize on the success on which Apple is soaring. Apple explains how profound an offense it is to copy the design and style of other companies considering the fact that Apple itself has spent number of years in developing iPhone and iPad. The complaint also mentions various Samsung devices which come with the same design as that of Apple’s products.

Severe Offense as per Apple

The offense becomes all the more severe when we look at the resources involved in designing iPhone and iPad. Apple employed a number of people working separately on different aspects of its products. The final result was an entirely innovative product with new shape, design and amazing features. Apple was the pioneer in bringing these products to the doorsteps of the customers.


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