Apple, Nokia, and Samsung top three smartphone manufacturers


The iPhone is the only smartphone device that Apple manufactures but that still does not stop the company from being the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company is only behind two behemoths which are Nokia and Samsung.

Nokia tops the chart with a healthy market share of 26.6%. However, this number is actually lower from the previous year by -8.2%. Samsung on the other hand managed to secure second place with the 4Q11 market share of 22.8% which is a 20.9% increase as compared with the previous year. Apple on the other hand has the most gain as compared with any other companies in the list with an increase of 128.4%. However, the market share that it is currently holding is around 8.7%.

Other companies which follow suit are LG and ZTE at 4.1% and 4.0% respectively. LG, like Nokia, is losing grounds to many other smartphone manufacturing companies. ZTE on the other hand experienced an 8.9% annual increase.

Nokia definitely needs to do a lot to market their products better because it may not secure the place for so long. Apple on the other hand may do a lot more to push that number even further with only its iPhone device.

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