Apple Plans nano-SIM: Rivals Irritated


A unique nano-SIM design conceived and proposed by Giesecke & Devrient, which was announced late last year, seems to have become a major bone of contention in Europe. Apple plans to use this technology in its devices, but feels that it would require a sort of “drawer” to protect it, just like in the iPhone and the iPad. Now, Apple’s main rivals, namely, Motorola, Nokia and RIM, are taking up cudgels against the company.

Of course, irrespective of what anyone has to say about it, the standard would be open to all manufacturers under license. Hence, it seems that Apple’s rivals are actually afraid of the fact that the company may someday even think of owning all the patents relating to this proposal.

Not only that; the rivals probably are fearing that, if Apple goes ahead with this plan and goes ahead to own the said patents, they may be forced to re-design their handsets to meet the new standards. Nokia, along with Motorola and RIM, firmly states that its competing design has “significant technical advantages” over Apple’s design.

In the meantime, Apple has started moving ahead with its proposal and is already requesting for support from many of Europe’s major service providers. Needless to say, they seem to be very much in agreement with Apple’s plans.

It is further believed that Apple is trying to increase its own number of votes in the ETSI, by registering six European subsidiaries as voting bodies. Each of these can have up to 45 votes. Currently, Nokia is in the lead here, with a total of 92 votes. But then, the entire complexion of the game could change if Apple is able to succeed with its plans.

Well, if this proposal actually goes through, we will all have to go through another tremendous wave of change, adopting to the emerging technology. Mobile carriers too will be put to a considerable degree of trouble, due to all this.

Is this drama worth it, at the end of the day? What do you think about Apple’s proposal – sensible or just plain sensational?

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