Apple shipped Gold Master to Developers – Rumor that the Lion GM will be released shortly


On recent Friday, Apple released Lion (“Gold Master” build) to developers and it has raised the rumors that Apple is going to ship its latest OS soon in market. Gold Master is labeled by the developers for the software that are ready to hit the market. However, Apple is not going to release the DVD version of Mac OS X 10.7 or Lion, rather it can only be downloaded from the Mac App Stores.

Lion GM – Creating waves

Along with its first glance, Lion FM has created the waves in the market and there are numerous rumors about its release date in the market. However, as per Apple resources it will be shipped by the end of this month. But some unnamed sources are claiming the release dates as 6 July, 14 July and so on.

OS specifications

This latest OS for Apple Mac gadgets will be distributed only through downloading channels for $29.99 only. If you own a Mac system then you can upgrade Snow Leopard OS to Lion GM for this price.

The main drawback is the weight of this OS. It weighs approx 4 GB making it difficult for dial-up connection users to download it directly. But Apple comes with a solution offering free download through wi-fie channels available at any of Apple retails store.





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