Apple Vs Samsung Patent War: Apple Wins $1 Billion Verdict


The news of the day is the ruling imposed on the contender Samsung Electronics, to pay a penalty of $1.05 billion to the global giant Apple for nicking its original technology used for inventing its novel smart phones. The iPhone and iPad gadgets that are the cause of the row between these technology innovators for pinching patented devices.

Coveting another Company’s Discovery

The verdict against Samsung comes in the wake of a jury trial in a Californian court filed by its archrival Apple. The gadgets mainly under scrutiny are the Samsung Galaxy smart phones with android software that has phenomenally taken over similar Apple products. Google gave the Android mobile operating system as a compliment to Samsung and other operators.

The War is still on

Even though, the judgment is in favour of Apple, Samsung expects an appeal in a higher court against the verdict. There are other continuing deliberations for which the final ruling is yet to be given. The jury had ruled against the South Korean firm as strong evidence was produced for copying certain facets like the bounce-back feature when end image is reached, and the ability to zoom text with a tap of a finger. However, the battle continues. We have to wait and see on the further outcome of this unending clash of the titans.

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