Apple’s new $200 Off-contract iPhone Coming Next Year


It is a prediction made by analyst Gene Muster and Jaffray that the price of Apple’s iPhone 3GS will be slashed down to $200 by September 2013. The price will be less than $175 lower than the price of the latest 3G unsubsidized 8 GB iPhone. So, those who are interested in the 3GS contract this would be a great offer for them.

Apple’s Global Market Share would Increase

Munster further says that currently Apple has a small market share due to the availability of cheaper android gadgets. However, after the launch of these contract-free handsets it is believed that Apple’s market share is likely to increase from 20% to 32% by 2015. Moreover, it is estimated that after the offer of $200 iPhone the average selling price of the iPhone will come down to $434 from current average price of $641 by the end of Sept. 2015.

Another Rumor Backs Up

Analyst Peter Misek said that he had been told about an Apple’s agreement with a topmost logistics and distribution company for pushing the 3GS around the world in the prepaid market. Moreover, he believes that Apple will not use the off-contract under $200 model (it can be under $300); instead, the role would be taken up by the iPhone 4.

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