AT&T‘S Smart Data Plans for Smarter People


For the new generation, AT&T has a gift to give; this is bringing the latest smartphone along with tablet-data plan. It is planned to be started on 22nd of January 2012. 300MB will be provided for this gadget for $20, and you could get 300MB more for $20 if needed. The 3 giga byte memory costs $3 while 5 giga bytes will cost $50. It will include mobile hotspot along with tethering. These schemes will be available at $10/ additional gigabytes. Today it offers you 200MB by just paying $15 each month and $25 for 2 Giga byte of memory. Customers who has unlimited access enjoys other benefits.

Tablet cost

The cost of the tablet front will be $30 for 3 giga byte of memory, for higher, as 5 giga bytes it will cost $50 per month, same as in the case of smart phones. Initially their plan was much cheaper as compared to the present rate, earlier it costs $14.99 for 250 megabyte of memory and $25 for 2 giga byte of memory. The data plan for these unique gadgets operates for one month or 30 days. It is automatically renewed unless to cancel manually the renewal.

Growth in extending the use of MB

As compared to earlier times, today people are using greater amount of bytes, so it is necessary to provide higher memory space at reasonable prices. The AT&T’s chief marketing officer, David Christopher mentioned this. They are on newer plans for the highly competitive environment, so effort is made to meet with the demand.

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