AT&T juggles with the Configuration and mixes Plans of GoPhone from 21 June


AT&T is doing a little innovation for the configuration of GoPhone plans. The costs of plans are flexible and are far more appreciated than the two-year contracts that one had to take while owing a new phone device.

Added bonus

GoPhone customer rejoice-from June 21 all those phone gadgets which have systems supporting the 4G LTE compatibility will have access to the network. In case, your device is not compatible you have the Samsung Galaxy Express coming with $250 discount. The new plan is valued as $25, $40 and $60. The sixty bucks package will provide unlimited calling and messaging across the nation with 2GB of data card. Users can also purchase additional data of 1 GB by paying extra $10 for each of the above mentioned plan.

The middle and smallest plan

The middle value plan gives 500 minutes free talk time, with 200MB data backup. The cheapest plan gives 250 minutes of free calling across the nation and unlimited messaging. Data card is optional and can be purchased for $5.

Those, who want to follow the basic plan, can avail it for $35that will give them unlimited messaging and 500 minutes calling in the nation.

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