AT&T Shared Mobile Broadband


AT&T has brought about a new trend in mobile broadband by going for shared data plans that allow up to 10 devices using the same data plan at the same time-sharing the connection. The more devices you have on your ‘data bucket’ the lesser you will have to pay per GB of data usage. AT&T’s Mobile Share plan will be go live this August. The carrier will introduce shared plans for business users later. Existing plans will continue but new users will fall under this data bucket plan.

The Plans

Opting for a new smartphone with a 1 GB plan, you will have to pay $40 for Unlimited Talk and Text plan and $45 if you are using data. Adding a smartphone for you data bucket will cost you $45 extra, a laptop equipped with 3G/4G or using a USB data card will see you paying $20, and for tablets and gaming gadgets, you will have to pay $10 more. Adding a basic cell phone will cost you $30.

Big Packages

For bigger packages, the cost of including an extra device will decrease. For the $200 20 GB plan, for instance, the rate of each smartphone drops to $30. Moreover, for exceeding the data usage, $15 per GB of usage must be paid.

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