AT&T upgrades fee charge, imposes throttling policy


The story with AT&T is more of a love-hate relationship because even though there are a few things that aren’t so good about the company, there are still much to like about it. However, in the case of fees, no customer likes his or her fees increased but apparently, AT&T is doing just that.

Effective February 12, 2012, all customers that wish to upgrade to a new device will be charged an upgrade fee that is double the current price. The price before the increase stands at $18 and now it will be $36 which to some customer might be a lot of money as well. However, AT&T is not the only company that does this as Verizon and Sprint also charges similarly for an equipment upgrade. AT&T also said that this increase in price is the first time that they are doing it in almost 10 years.

Besides the price hike, the company is also imposing data throttling to those that are considered the top 5% data user as well. However, this top 5% refers not to the whole network but only to the place where there is insufficient network capacity or spectrum. In places where such cases are not available, throttling will not be imposed.

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