Auto Image Syncing: the latest Service from Facebook


Leading social networking giant Facebook has introduced a new feature for its users. By using this latest addition now the wide user base of this website will be able to sync the snaps they take and that too automatically.

With the help of this feature, you can sync the photos you take and later on you could choose the best snaps to share as well as post on your Facebook timeline. No doubt, it’s going to help the ones a lot who just take the photos (aren’t professionals) but would like to share their pics online.

Facebook will release an update for this latest functionality for Apple’s iPhone as well as Google Android gadgets. Well, this facility is already available for Google Plus users by June or July last year.

What you have to do is to download and run the update on your devices. You too would be required to check their revised TOS in order to use this update after download. By using this update the snaps you shot will be stored in “Private Album” on your Facebook profile so that anyone else can’t see them before you actually post them on your timeline.

However, at this time this update isn’t available but we hope that you will soon have this functionality on your iOS as well as android devices.

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