Bill Gates Says – a Possibility of Apple Surface


In an interview with Charlie Rose, Bill Gates has said that Microsoft has created an unprecedented new twist in the computing world and gadgets. Major Apple has to find an answer to the new Surface concept. The funny thing here is that Apple is the one who normally springs surprises and the others look on in awe! The only thing is how the market receives the Windows 8 tablet.

A Change in Outlook

Microsoft founder Bill Gates says that he has believed that the software major had created a new concept that would ‘change the way people look at things’. The Microsoft Surface gives you the attractiveness of tablets and at the same time the usefulness of a PC. It is not a compromise one truly understands it too. If a tablet has the right mix of features and useful accessories, it can actually replace your laptop in the future.

iPad Under Pressure

He added that Apple bringing out Surface style gadgets is undoubtedly a strong possibility. However, he was reluctant to admit whether Apple would actually do that because people have not actually said that they like the Surface concept. Finally, as he observes ‘what’s the difference between a tablet and a PC’.

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