Bing, Xbox, Skype soon to be Reimaged: Announces Microsoft


Microsoft is bringing around re-imaging in some of its apps and products. As reported in the Design Day Event Norway 2013, the General Manager at Studios Windows Phone reported that they are “reimaging” their products. The very first step will be giving new logos to Bing, Skype and Xbox.

Re-imaging comes after redesigning of Windows products

This idea of re-imaging has been inspired by a two year old act of re-branding from Microsoft as well as Windows products re-branding where the visual aesthetics have been worked upon. Surely Nike has a great influence on them, and as Simmons, the chief spokesperson at the event said; the logo of Nike did have an impact on the Nike Consumers. But that definitely do not want a radical change because this will be a lot of inconvenience for one billion users, said Simmons.

The Previews

As for the previews the designs are flat, two dimensional, clean and modern. They definitely want to reach out to all the Window users who have identified the products with old logos.

But will customers really find it odd when the new logos come up? We will have to wait because still today no timeline has been given out.

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