BlackBerry Joins the Race with Android Wear Compatible BlackBerry Messenger


Blackberry MessangerBlackBerry Messenger could well become the bread and butter for the Canadian handset company. This messaging service is rather traditional in the gadgets world. Over the years, BlackBerry did lose the race to Android-based devices. But the company has decided to revive its fortunes by coming up with BlackBerry Messenger that can send and receive messages from Android wear. This can be a game changer, at least in relevant software applications.

Announcement and Implications

The company announced its intention to launch its service for smart watches that are Android compatible. The messenger has several features such as allowing people to see new messages, or browse through address books. It also facilitates sending messages that are standard or pre-defined such as greeting messages. BlackBerry Messenger is also useful for managing invitations from possible contacts. The voice commands and Google Now also blend well with BlackBerry’s Messenger.

BlackBerry Front

The company has improved and upgraded its Android App by adding some new features. Such app also supports the Android 5.0 Lollipop.  With the latest development, the company hopes to keep its market share and make a market in wearable devices segment.

Though the company has not come up with many new developments, this certainly is one of the best policies it has come up in recent times. The tweaked BlackBerry Messenger will ensure that it remains in the run through wearable devices.

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