BlackBerry’s BlackPad – Apple iPad Killer


Research in Motion (RIM) is going to unveil an iPad Killer next week. The 7-inch BlackPad is going to be a touch screen tablet, but for a change, this BlackPad won’t be running on the BlackBerry OS, it is believed that this tablet is going to run on a new Operating System which will be developed by QNX Software Systems.

The competition will never end and the developers will keep competing with each other, if any one of them comes up with any new idea, the others will take over that idea and they will shape it better.

So, we are expecting more new about the BlackPad next week and we’ll surely keep you updated. For regular updates, you can always like our fan page on ‘Facebook‘ or subscribe to our ‘RSS Feeds‘.

[via theweek]

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  1. Sanjul Gupta says:

    Seriously man bored of seeing this stupid iPad all around lets wait for Blackberry to have something different

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