Blackouts on websites worldwide against SOPA


SOPA is a topic that is widely covered in the Internet today and it makes sense why it should not be passed as a law. Should this law be passed, the Internet would not be a place as free as it is today. This is because the SOPA act will allow websites to be taken down as easily as a complaint. Which would mean that thousands if not millions of websites are at stake with the SOPA act. As a show of strike, a lot of websites has shut down for a day.

Websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit went offline for more than 12 hours. With prominent websites like these rendered useless during the blackout, it ought to get a lot of attention especially with the two being down. These two aren’t just the only websites that went down. Twitpic which hosts a lot of pictures from Twitter, RageMaker, a famous site for getting memes, OpenSUSE and a lot more went down. Google on the other hand remained online but had censored its logo instead and wrote a report on how dangerous SOPA is. Other websites also remained online but had showed support in many other ways. It is hoped that the bill will not be passed in the Congressional hearing.

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