Bonus for More Samsung Galaxy Gadgets with AT&T Services


The new phase of the Samsung’s Galaxy models success has now sported another deal with AT&T Corporation taking under its mantle four more Android mobile gadgets integrated with LTE network. The furthering strategy involves smartphone names Rugby Pro, Note II, Express, and Tab 2 10.1 that are the fore running Samsung Galaxy products.

Benefits of Ties with AT&T

There are several AT&T incorporated additional features on the anvil akin to the Push-to-Talk functionality that will be made available in the accessed Samsung gadgets.

  • Calling capacity to about 250 contacts with just a single button press
  • Viewing ability of the contact’s availability before calling
  • Overruling PTT on-progress calls and passing on pressing communication talks.

Some Features of Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gadgets

In the beginning, range is the Samsung Galaxy Express with Android Ice cream Sandwich 4.0 OS. The display screen is a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED make that is actually an organic LED of the active-matrix representation. The device also houses a 1.5 GHz processor and a decent battery life with 2000 mAh capacity. The quality-camera at the rear contains a resolution of 5 megapixels.

The display screen is 4 inch sized and sports a Super AMOLED WVGA material. The rear camera (5 MP resolutions) enables 720 pi HD video sustaining EAS e-mail facility.

Whether it is an elevated Note II phablet or the all-level market product Galaxy Y, Samsung is the reigning leader for all mobile devices in the promotional and sales category.

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