Buy iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c Online for Half Price from AT&T


Gadgets ShoppingAT&T has a festive bonanza for those who do not own a smartphone as yet, and those who are stuck with smartphones that are not sophisticated enough. The telecommunication giant is offering all smartphones presently costing less than $200, at half their prices. This means iPhone 5s can be bought for $100 and iPhone 5c is available for approximately $50. The price is inclusive of a contract for two years with AT&T.

Microsoft Windows Models

Nokia Lumia models are also on offer in this online sale from AT&T. Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 can now be bought for approximately $100 each.

Android Models

Amongst devices with Android OS that are available in this AT&T sale are Galaxy S4 from Samsung and HTC One. Galaxy S4 is being sold for approximately $100 while HTC one will cost around $75.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday not too far, gadgets world is expecting a lot of discounts, and many are waiting for decent festive deals this season. Given the timing, it is unlikely that many people would jump the bandwagon as yet, even though the offer is attractive but valid only for the limited period. In any event, the discount is valid only on online sales, and there are attractive offline offers already in the market such as offers from Walmart. The retail giant sells iPhone 5c for $45, which is $5 less than what AT&T is offering. Given such a scenario, it is unlikely that there will be many takers for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s at least.

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