Chrome Works on Integrating Alternative Search Engines


Google now plans to enabling access to the Embedded Search API to the developers to incorporate alternative search engines in Chrome. This allows other providers to show a search box in the home page of Chrome NTP (New Tab Page). David Holloway, software engineer, Chrome, officially announces this. At present search engine in Chrome can be changed only for omnibox.

Changes in Omnibox

However, even with the settings changed in the omnibox, users tend to move away from Google’s Chrome and navigate to the alternative search engines, say the developers. Holloway enunciated that with the customization done to the NTP users will find it easier and time saving to search and navigate in the web. They will also find the job done faster.

NTP Customization

Customization of NTP is currently provided only to a small group, who had set their search preferences in Google Chrome on their gadgets. The small set of people would see the variations. Mac version of Chrome is also under the plan of implementation. By customizing New Tab Page (NTP) of Chrome, the web navigation will become faster. Holloway also said that these new features would be implemented to the small group of users using Chrome OS and Windows of the Chrome Dev Channel.

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