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It is important to know how people perceive a website, especially for a small to medium sized businesses. This is because SMB do not have the market presence that most big companies have. As such, for an SMB to go further, lead response management is important so that the business can easily respond positively to the leads. This then contributes to an increase in sales.

Speak2Leads (S2L) is an Internet lead response management provider for SMB. Their solutions include lead response tools via phone, text, chat, video and even Facebook. There is even a lead valet service that acts as an automated reminder system for you to follow-up with your leads. This is probably the best way for a business to continuously keep up with their leads.

S2L by Phone for example, allows you to talk to your visitors during their peak interest rates instead of following up with them. It works by notifying the user that there has been an inquiry form submission and whether they would like to immediately follow up with the inquirer. If agreed, then the system immediately calls the lead to start a sales conversation. The same concept applies to the other methods that have been disclosed earlier on.

S2L also has a lead analytics service where the user can know more about where the leads are coming from and how they are performing. This is available through the S2L Dashboard as well as the S2L Call Tracking service.

At the moment, You may need to find such a company that has worked with more than 70 different North American companies in sectors such as education, finance, auto, retail and many more. Suffice to say that these are sectors where it is crucial to engage the customers at its peak interest.

Free trial is available for businesses that would want to get started with Speak2Leads.

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