Dropbox announces to acquire Mailbox app


The much awaited mailbox application for iPhone has been swept away by Dropbox. In the official blog, the co-founders Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston have specified that they have simply loved the app.

They have posted a full praise of the app to be engineered extremely well, simple, and delightful. Via this app their problems of delivering mails in bulk were solved. It was only last month that the app emerged in the market and soon it was delivering over sixty million mails per day.

The future of Mailbox

With Dropbox taking over this app users can rest assure that the process of delivering will not faster because Dropbox will take additional steps to proceed in the further development in the app. As such the developers are working on the betterment of the features.


The Mailbox was created by the Orchestra with the aim in mind to offer better solutions to writing, reviewing and responding to mails. It formed as a to-do list for the messages; allows users to read all related messages on their gadgets, or snooze them to respond later.  Some changes are also made to the Mac desktop app for accessing online data stored, easy file sharing with the other Dropbox users.

We are still inquisitive about the terms of the deal!

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