Evasi0n offers Jailbreak for iOS7 on Christmas


Evasi0n - iOS 7.x JailbreakiOS7 users would be delighted with the untethered jailbreak offered by Evasi0n. In gadgets world, jailbreak is a term used to describe some application that lets the user customize the original software or operation system. Now the jailbreaking will allow users to run the Cydia apps that are not approved and install the software that Apple does not allow on the Apple gadgets.


Evasi0n is a group of programmers offering such tool, which can be used, on iOS 7.0 and above till iOS 7.0.4 version.  Users of iPad mini, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone would gain from such jailbreak of iOS 7 by Evasi0n.


This iOS 7 jailbreak can be downloaded from Evasi0n’s website.  There are simple instructions provided for using the tool. Though basically for Mac, this tool can also be used with Windows and OS X systems.

There is a bit of a disappointment amongst iOS users. They expect the iOS 7.1 to arrive any moment now. With this jailbreak out in open, Apple would only plug the loopholes in its original program and thereby render jailbreak useless. Effectively, Apple tools users would have liked this jailbreak to arrive in the market, but after the release of iOS 7.1.

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