Events feature to show weather forecast on Facebook


The Events feature will now be updated with the weather forecast. The forecast will start appearing when there are ten days left for the event, but here we would ask, shouldn’t this start appearing from the time it is being planned for more convenience? Don’t worry; it will appear just beneath ‘When’ while you are creating the event.

Help planners plan well

Available for both the mobile and desktop version of Facebook, this app will get you prepared ideally with the knowledge of the maximum/minimum temperatures. This is highly beneficial for outdoor events or even for those planners who will know from beforehand how the weather will be like.

Newsfeed, hash tags- the latest Facebook Features

This newly renovated feature is one of the latest additions since past few months along with newsfeed that appears to be more appealing and integrated. Now the revamped version of Newsfeed is expanding more with organizations and showing better integration with numerous apps on the gadgets. Hash tags are also in line for being launched just as it is in Twitter. You will have to click simply on the hash tag and check statuses and related events.

The next few weeks will be quite eventful for Facebook users we suppose!

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