Evernote Reveals Hacking of Their Users Passwords and Email Accounts


Recently Evernote which is a cloud based notetaking service, has revealed the hacking of passwords, email addresses of their users by an unauthorized attacker. Evernote providing cloud facility to a huge number of smartphone users have been attacked and hacked.

The hacker is still absconding, but before doing so, he has taken data in the form of user names, addresses and passwords. This has brought about a compulsory password modification if one has to log in once again.

Evernote notifies

Evernote has sent a message to all the users regarding the security breach not failing to inform that the data is still safe for the Premium and Business users. They said in an official release that on the 28 February, they had understood “malicious activity” has been going on. However, their further investigation revealed that financial information has not been seen even if passwords and usernames have been stolen.

Reset Secure Password

Evernote senior spokesperson has not failed to inform that they are going to increase the levels of security, and altering password is just the initial state. The site has requested their users who are utilizing the Evernote services on their gadgets not to choose dictionary words and to avoid the same password in multiple sites.

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