Facebook Cards- A New Gifting Option for your Facebook Friends


Planning to organize a memorable gift for your FB friend? Why not some mouth-watering smoothie or some cosmetics from Sephora? Unique indeed and this you will be possible by the Facebook card.

The Facebook Card Gift

The Facebook Card can be called the latest gifting idea. It is “new” and can be used over and over again by reloading. The US users will be the first to experience this gift card and with time it will spread across the globe.

 It is also extremely convenient ordering. Simply log on to the gift corner of Gift Cards and Digital Category and then make the payments. Your friend will be notified immediately, and in a matter of days the gift will reach the friend.

Moreover, the cards are reusable, and the next card will be added to the previous Facebook Card gift.

Split the gift between two different companies

For the time being the retailers that are available for gifting are Olive Garden, Sephora, and Jamba Juice. Instead of reloading on any one retailer you can load for multiple retailers.

So sit back and order this card from your internet gadgets. You can also see the available balance and the changes of the balance immediately after the transaction.

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