Facebook Expand its Features and Makes All Posts Transparent and Searchable


Facebook Graph SearchFacebook now lets the users gather all possible details with their gadgets like posts, comments, likes, images and locations of a member of the Facebook social networking site, with the graph search, which was introduced in the earlier part of this year. The Graph search feature, which was earlier restricted to only a few personal information, now turns the whole profile transparent.

Facebook Graph Search

For members, who enjoyed clicking the like button far freely, now it is time play cautiously. As all information of the profiles is too transparent now, it is better note that there is a higher potential for pranks, which may too dangerous to tackle. A few users, who are using the feature now, were asked for feedback and suggestions for improvement, and now they would be able to search the posts.

Privacy Concerns

The posts that are shared public only would be displayed in the results, and users can search any posts pertaining to a time, place or interest. Facebook earlier released the push to engage TV networks update. The recent update of Facebook is a boon for the marketers as they can access vast section of audience now.

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