Facebook Home for Android will be Available from 12 April


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that new Facebook interface is designed ‘around people’ not apps. To initiate the Facebook Homepage for the Androids is the latest in line for Facebook. This will add further convenience for users of Facebook on their Androids.

The Benefits

With this Home, you will be able to switch between the pictures, updates and important events on FB. You will have access to Chat Head- a unique feature that integrates messaging. Additionally you will see the profile picture of the account t from where the message has been sent to you. Made for people, that’s what the CEO of Facebook has specified, and we are keeping our fingers crossed and waiting eagerly.

HTC Phone preloaded with Facebook Home

In the meantime, HTC is accordance with AT&T carrier has already preloaded this Home feature and will launch it on April 12. So we will soon get to see the interface on smartphone gadgets like Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note and S4.

Bloomberg has reported that FB plans to invent an OS that will only focus on FB and probably the hardware will be manufactured by HTC. Seems that the rumor that FB has earned a lot of revenues for the smartphone market is true!

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