Facebook Instagram video feature unveiled today


The highly anticipated video feature for Instagram was unveiled today. Instagram is a popular photo sharing app, and with this video sharing facility it must soar in popularity.

What Co-founder has said

Now your gadgets will enjoy Instagram having 13 filters for video. Earlier it was just available for the photos, but now it has been included to the videos. As specified by Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, this attempt is to keep up the superiority of the app as the “King”. This app will be presently available at the Google Play and Apple App Store, and apart from the filter the videos will now have image stabilization and custom cover frames and 15 second videos.

Opinions of the Analysts

Analysts are of the opinion that this step was in accordance to Mark Zuckerberg’s saying that they are trying to include different apps on Facebook. With the rising rivalry in between the two most popular social networking sites- Twitter and Facebook-this Instagram feature will definitely improve Facebook’s positions as the features like Poke and Snapchat did.

Now we are surely convinced that Facebook has made Mobiles their priority! As the younger generation is so much engaged with the social networks, Instagram video launch will be a fruitful endeavor for Facebook.

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