Facebook Launches Graph Search as a New Search Tool


All speculations have come to an end- the agenda for the press meeting was to initiate a new tool to us that will help us get any data on the Facebook. It took them eight long years to feed the site, and now they are equipped with everything.

Graph Search

The name of the tool is Graph Search and over twelve months of research created it, specified Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook too will be the latest search engine and will compete such as Google. It will also cater like the specified websites like, for example, one looks out for job demand at LinkedIn, Food demands at Yelp and corner these search engines.

Broadened its Horizon

With this new Facebook Graph tool, Facebook has broadened its horizon. Now you will not only use it to search friends bust also photos, places, restaurants and all that interests you. Mark said that it was the latest way to gather information and even though initially will be available to a few, will be available to increasing number of people.

As the tool comes you will have access to it on the smartphone gadgets. Now the users will get the information about places, people, interests and photos.

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