Facebook makes Donating to Non-profits Easier with ‘Donate now’ Feature


Facebook Donate NowFacebook is making it easier for non-profits to raise money for their causes. The social media giant has introduced ‘donate now’ feature which lets Facebook users donate money to causes close to their hearts. Facebook offers one of the best ways to create awareness about any social or other charitable causes.

About the Feature

To use the facebook Donate now feature, user can press the “donate” button on top of their Facebook pages. Alternately, users can look for such a button next to any News Feed posts shared on facebook of the nonprofit organization.

The Process

The website stores credit card information of people choosing to donate. Therefore, people who have never used facebook for any purchases would have to feed in relevant information. Other users, i.e., users who have used the site for purchasing before, merely have to click the donate button twice for completing the transaction.  As of now, there are 19 non-profit organizations that can receive donations because of this feature. The list includes Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and World Wildfire Fund.

Gadgets world as well as nonprofits would appreciate this feature. Many a time, user has all honorable intentions for the moment, but tends to defer or forget them because of other activities. This simple procedure will help to keep those ideals and contribute towards beliefs for a better world.

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