Facebook Moments is a New app from Facebook


Facebook MomentsThere are many apps in the mobile phone market. Some of them don’t get noticed because they are not launched by recognized business houses. But Facebook moments will not face this problem. It has received a lot of publicity thanks to the social media giant. To think that it is merely a large album with ability to store uploaded photographs will be a gross understatement. It certainly is much more than that.

Features of Facebook Moment

It stores photographs as per their dates. It allows searching for photographs using the names of the person in the photograph. It also syncs these photos with those of others in the picture. Photos uploaded will be available to different locations, actually eliminating the need to share or send. The tagging system is refined too. The existing facial recognition tool in Facebook is included in this independent app. Therefore, the face would be recognized and the app would come up with tag suggestions, which the user would have to confirm.


As of now, this app from Creative Labs will be launched in North America, before the end of June 2015. Initially, it will be available for iOS devices from Apple Store. Android version is yet to be completed. In due course, the app will be available in other parts of the world. EU, however, will remain isolated, because of privacy-related issues between Facebook and users there.


It is a bit difficult to decide whether the features will or will not be helpful. The initial description of the product does suggest that it is the comprehensive product. Nevertheless, without using the app, it is a bit difficult to predict whether the gadget market would or would not approve of the product.

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